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And End Scene, 2018

If I could sum up 2018 with a few words, the words chosen would be the following: patience, perseverance, and adventure. I would elaborate on the words selected but for now I'll let them rest before your eyes and leave your imaginations wondering as to why they were selected in the first place.

In 2018, I set out to write my first book, which I completed and have been nervously sitting on for over the last five months or so (rolls eyes). I know, I know, publish the damn thing already is what some of you are probably thinking to yourselves! Guess, what, I'll publish soon, as in January/February of 2019.

It's interesting to sit here and think about how quickly forty two years of life have passed by, even though I feel as though I graduated high school yesterday. I've literally spent a quarter of a century attempting to figure myself out, after I was given a seventeen year head-start, seems almost unfair yet in all actuality this life shit isn't as easy as the tv shows, books, TMZ, and Fox News make it seem.

This year has been, as the cool kids say, "One for the ages" and I've been present through it all from, road-trips, to new babies being placed into my arms, music festivals, delayed flights, new camera purchases, drone crashes, people purchasing my artwork, and finally observing the Milky Way with my own set of eyes (no Photoshop was used).

The year wasn't all smiles and laughter, I managed to cry through a portion of it as well. I still miss my Uncle David as if he just left yesterday and the screwed up part is I never got to say goodbye but most importantly tell him, "Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone and showing me that I could adventure, so many years back." There are times, I want to give up and say, "Eff it" but I keep moving along, learning, retaining, and yearning for more adventure, information, music, and love.

In 2018 I walked on the edge a bit, I skated down a couple mountainous roads, stood on a bridge or two, climbed some steps to see a city, I showed some art, I sang... I lived a bit and I did this all with people whom I respect and adore.

I suppose at the end of the day, I'm not just doing this blog for me, I'm doing it for those of you who feel as though you can't when in fact you can; it's funny to think that we're all looking out at the view below, wondering what 2019 holds for us all.

Thanks for following the journey (prayer hands)!

HEY, let's dance soon...

(Le freres francias et le garcon) - c. May 2018

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