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Makes Sense Now...

There are moments when I start a journey into the unknown, into the abyss, and I think to myself, "Why am I here, why am I moving in this fashion, towards this "thing" and just as quickly as the thought is hashed, the answer(s) are presented.

I've been blessed to see many things during my time here on this planet and sometimes I think I've been allowed to see things much differently than most. My eyes, ears, heart, and imagination were formed before my birth and I've merely followed the plan which was laid out before me.

The day was a bit damp and foggy and I was in search of something new, something that I had never seen before and to my astonishment there it was right before my eyes, a doorway into another space perhaps another dimension (not like worm hole or something because that would be weird).

As we drove across this bridge, all I could think of was how massive it was and how small we appeared whilst driving through the fog. My mind created a story which had dragons and knights, a princess, and a dragon sitting atop the bridge (I love dragons, sue me).

My imagination has always been vivid and my heart young, thus why I think children are always drawn to me. I mean, let's be honest, what grown ass man will look at this picture and think there's a dragon sitting in the fog? An awesome grown ass man is who would think like this!

Do not forget your youth or your imagination, create stories which do not truly exist and dream/think about the what if; it always makes for a better story.

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