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Not Enough Words

I'll probably start and stop, add and delete so much of what I truly want to say, my words, thoughts, hopes, and dreams will be laid out before you, tonight, as though they were prepared by the finest chefs in all the land. It's funny isn't it, what we consume, whether that be truths which are plain as day or lies which shroud our ability to decipher what is real and what isn't; in the end there is consumption.

Recently, I've found myself longing for conversation, longing for walks in the sand along a shore so vast that conversations will never end. Perhaps I'm a hopeless romantic, actually I am a romantic and I often romanticize about the strangest things such as never-ending beaches (I mean). Am I wasting time, searching for a silver lining within this otherwise colorless sky?

The beach was filled with hundreds of people but my eyes were drawn to their body language, there was something taking place and I couldn't help but move closer to attempt to find out what it was exactly. I've been informed that love is a tricky thing, the same can be said of liking someone as well (Kanye Shrug).

Did she just ask him if he loved her, oh snap, I think she really just asked him if he loved her? Let me get a bit closer and just fiddle with my other camera. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can be inconspicuous given the fact I'm taking auditory notes.

"Do I love you?", he replied, "How deep is this sea, how strong are those waves, how many rocks are within the sand... I love you!" Oh lord, don't do it buddy... don't... (then he asked her) "Do you love me?" I watched as she stood in silence for what seemed to be an eternity whilst she looked down at her feet.

I remember staying up late, talking on the phone, or texting for that matter, with someone whom I liked a lot; the phone would be scolding warm and my energy levels would be peaked because this person had my every fiber. C'mon now, you all know the "You hang up, no you" and then you'd wake up at some point during the course of the night hearing the breathing of the other person on the line who had obviously fallen asleep.

As the wind picked up and the waves continued to crash, I couldn't help but feel for this guy. There aren't enough words which can help to mend a lonely heart. After they walked away, I began to count the rocks within the sand in order to see if she got lost between one and eight hundred thirty four.

Liking someone is tricky especially if you're the one keeping count...

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