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Still Time

Today marks the sixth year since your passing and it seems as though it's still the sixth second since I heard my sister's voice on the phone reading to give me the worst news I've ever heard come off of her lips.

Life can be cruel can't it but at the same time it can be beautiful. The beauty that I'm looking for at the moment is the fact that I was blessed to call you Uncle Dave and also to sit at your feet a bit and feel the warmth of your smile and hear the joy of your laughter. I miss you so much, man, I cannot even fully put it into words how much I miss you...

A couple of days ago, I felt you looking down on me a bit; I know, I know, I know, this might seem cliche to many but the truth is, I knew it was you. I'm the furthest thing from perfect and at this stage in life, I'm resigned to thinking that I'll ever achieve a perfect mark but I'm trying to make a difference.

Please save me a hug, smile, and some of that Uncle David laughter, I'm trying to join you one day. Thank you so much for the sunshine, it was needed.

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