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Crashing Quietly

Last year, I visited this particular location and was met with howling wind and the thunderous noise from the crashing waves and between you and me, I was a bit put off by the elements. A year removed from the aforementioned events, I've returned to find a landscape filled with far too many people and zero elements other than the ones which I brought with me to shore.

It's "funny" isn't it, how our lives can effect the environments which we find ourselves in whether that be work, church, the gym, or a crowded beach. I sat quietly, actually I squatted because I didn't want my pants to get wet (sue me, I like dry clothes), observing all the interactions taking place around me.

The waves were crashing but I could only hear the beating of my heart and thoughts; it seems to be commonplace these days, this type of inner reflection. How the hell is my mind so loud, my heart so strong, and waves so quiet? I'm at peace but in pieces...

This life we live is so interesting! A person of my caliber sitting within a dark room, writing about feelings. There's a post somewhere in which I mentioned that I was told to never write about love and for the most part I have obeyed said advice.

Tonight, I'm writing about wondering if it's the waves crashing or me crashing slowly. Perhaps some of you can identify with the feeling and if so you'll be able to find me sitting and looking into the distance, wondering which crashing noise is the loudest (my heart or the waves).

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