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Whoa, Tis Been A While

There are so many things which I'm afraid of yet I attempt to act cool when in the face of said fear. The ocean is one of my fears! I know, I know, random right?

You see I'm afraid of its vastness, the unknown above and below whether that be creatures or currents, treasures or ghost ships. Over the last few months, I've attempted to overcome said fears by walking towards some of them and simply standing still and asking myself, "Are you going to live or die from this experience"?

On this particular day, my buddy Ryan and me found ourselves adventuring and visiting a place we'd only seen within certain social media circles. Being the scare-d-cat that I am, I looked out from the car window, after we arrived, and thought maybe just maybe I should have stayed home and simply heard about Ryan's trip.

I've been on a few beaches over the course of my forty plus years on this earth (cough, that number is getting higher) yet up until this trip, I had never heard the waves crash the way that they did on this particular beach. As we approached the shore, I observed areas from which to shoot from but in my observation, I also noticed that the nooks and crannies which seemed safe were quickly overran by the tide which was quickly coming in and out from the sea.

In the midst of my fear, I attempted to stand still and listen to the crashing of the waves and feel the movement of the air which was swirling around as well. IF my life were more of a standing still and taking note type life, I believe I'd have more peace as opposed to certain anxieties which I face from time to time.

The deafening sound of the waves crashing, along with the speed of the tide rushing into shore and then back out to the sea was something special to observe. The formation of the rocks and various coves also made this visit unique.

My first love isn't nature, however I'm learning to find that we're minute compared to scale of some of the most beautiful places in the world! IF it weren't for fear, I probably wouldn't pause as much as I am these days, I probably wouldn't pose questions which I already know the answer to.

Tis been some time, since I pressed the shutter button and took in what my camera captures, tis been a while since feel in love with the creative aspect of being creative.

Hold my hand and go on an adventure with me, it could take us but a moment to find and sit in the beauty which we're looking for in life.

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