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Stand Still...

For months now, I've had a certain fascination with light and darkness, shadow and sun. There are times I sit and think of just how long we spend our days basking in the warmth of the sun yet running from sun. Does the shade or shadow not deserve our time as well?

I found myself in Salzburg, Austria, recently, enjoying the warmth of the sun but also being appreciative for the shade which I found on this warm spring day. As me and my friends made our way through their city center, my emotions where left dancing by the architecture which sprinkled the city streets.

Salzburg is the home of Mozart but on this day I was less concerned with the composure and more concerning with the feel of the city. My cousin Boban and friend Kratos who both reside in Salzburg were gracious enough to be my guides on a quick walkabout of the town.

Whilst we were in what I would consider their city square, I found my eyes fixated on a imagery you see in the picture below. There are so many contrasting features of the picture but what stood out to me then and even now as I look back at this picture is the fact time is moving and the shadows will eventually catch up with the father and his daughter, the statue and the building.

The tracks stopped where the shadows ended and the story begins. I stood still, waiting for the right moment to take a picture, the right moment in which everything seemed to blend in correctly. A father who is capturing the light of his world, a daughter who stand before her light, a building outlined by both darkness and light, and statues which provide a beauty/darkness.

What do we allow ourselves to see, when are we still to the happenings around us? Today, I stood still for a moment, I observed, I asked questions, and I found something special... A bit of light mixed with a bit of darkness.

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