• Nemi


I spend a majority of my time unsure of the next move I'm "supposed" to make. There are weeks I look back and think, "What the hell happened here, how did I maneuver through that obstacle coarse"; I imagine this lifelong feeling of uncertainty has always pushed me to view things a bit differently.

Two years or so ago, I was using the watermark Hermosa Flor (Beautiful Flower, in Spanish) on my pictures, as it signified my affection for my favorite flower. When I introduced the idea to another person, they simply told me that they didn't like the name and that in essence caused me to revamp a few things. Remember, I began by outlining the fact I'm unsure of the next move which I'm "supposed" to make.

Through much trial and error, I've began to remove the shackles which have been holding me back creatively, the opinion(s) of others and my lack of self-travel. I'm resigned to the idea that I'll die knowing thousands but yet still alone due to my own stubbornness.

A few months ago my friends asked me to capture a picture of their daughter during what is known around these parts as Blossom Season. IF one were to log into social media during this time, they would see thousands of people taking the same type of pictures whilst nestled in between the trees of random almond orchards, in our county.

Anyone who truly knows me, knows that I love kids and for the most part 9/10 kids love me in return. Yes, there are the random kids who cry and get fussy but let's be real, it's not me, it's them; I digress, let me get back to the cute kid pictured above these words.

My friends took their daughter and propped her up on a blanket and several pillows and I began to fire away at the happy little one, as she simply smiled back at three adults that were making faces and random noises, in order to grab her attention. As quickly as I would fire my camera, she would giggle and begin to fall over sloooooowly, it was cute, I wish you all could have seen it take place.

As the morning light began to shift a bit, I needed to change my perspective and get on her level so we met each other on the ground/in the grass. There are so many lessons to be had however I'll leave you with what I took away from this photo shoot:

1. We're never too old to feel the grass

2. It's okay to close your eyes and feel the breeze

3. Take a deep breath from time to time

4. Do not drown in all that's around you/enjoy the moment

5. Trust your creative side

6. Do things you truly want to do

7. Forget the opinions of others

8. Get in your car and go

9. Be ready for the moment/any moment of brilliance that strikes you

10. Smell the Lilac flowers

"Mi hermosa flor, cuanto tiempo voy a abrazarte..."