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I found myself sitting here wondering if I should pray, ask for forgiveness, or ask for strength. Yet another shot of light mixed with darkness. My soul is being drawn in a particular direction, presently, and for me it's hard to explain. I've always wanted so much but here within these moments, these days, I only desire one thing.

It's not complicated is it or is it the most complicated moment I've ever lived in, during my forty plus years on this planet? Siiiiigh...

I've looked at my phone one thousand one hundred and forty-two times today, I've received over one hundred texts, twenty pertinent phone calls, ten spammed calls, and read what fifty emails. How in the world am I still lonely, still within the darkness. I'm searching for you within the shadows, within the light, something like a security blanket.

Today, I sat and observed others praying and asking for only lord knows what; I sat and asked for a bit of warmth to cover my weary bones. I was most impressed that the building didn't crumble when I entered in...

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