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  • Nemi

Lock and Key..

Today, I finally remembered what I was supposed to do a few yesterdays ago, actually to be more precise, I remembered what I failed to do a few months before this dang post. It's funny how my memory works because at times I'm sharp and then other times I'm at a loss for simple words like (broth, don't ask).

My travels have taken me to some unique places and I've had the opportunity to observe so much, as I so often share, however, yesterday my intention was to leave a little something for the future and I failed to do so.

I lost a key, misplaced it along the way, so I was only able to leave one lock in one city, a city which I may or may not return to within the next few years. Guess who just found the misplaced key but cannot find the lock? Who on earth knows why I purchased multiple locks with multiple keys, c'mon smart guy, do better!

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