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Cotton Candy Thoughts...

I sat here tonight for a bit and took in the sights and sounds of the lake because peace is what I'm seeking from the universe today. When I type peace, I mean peace of mind and spirit.

Tonight my buddy and myself made our annual trek up the mountain to speak with a group of campers about life, entrepreneurship, and iCan. Before I get too far, I'd like to inform the reading audience that I left my Prius running/on for three plus hours while we were away at the campsite; yes, I failed to turn off my car and it was still there when we got back down the hill. I digress!

My days haven't been filled with as much adventure as I would like, instead I've been battling complacency in the form of simply not being creative and stepping out of my comfort box whether that be at work or home. The work piece is always interesting because I feel as though I'm just going through the motions and putting up with the bullshit of a certain few. It's funny when people who can't are given the opportunity to act as if they own you (let me get back on this Zen).

I'm unsure if you can see this, the beauty of the sky, it's cotton candy feel, I'm unsure if you can hear the bugs, the burps from the frogs you don't like, and the movement of the fish within the water? The only person I'd want to see this, is the only person who still has yet to make their way here.

Tonight I spoke with a group of high school juniors all whom sat quietly and listened intently as I explained how they can change the life of others and even their own lives by taking a chance to know a little bit more than what they currently know. "Everyone write this to memory, iCan...."

The system isn't set up for a forty something year old African guy to sit and watch the sun disappear over a lake, in a random campground, instead the system is set up for forty something year old African guy to never dream of views like this; the problem is I've tasted these sights before and they along with the kids keep me coming back.

As with most camp chats, I was able to get down on a level with the kids and this year more so than in years past, I found myself not searching for the right words to say but instead searching for the right hearts to set on fire. We only get one of these things (life) so we should at least try and do the most with what we've been given. I used to wish I were perfect and now I know that I'm perfectly flawed, there's beauty in that isn't there!

Take my hand, there's a place I'd like to take you, a place where the water holds the reflection of a forest, a place where the breeze is soft, a place where you can look up and imagine your thoughts tasting like cotton candy. Would you come and sit with me here, would you come and sing, laugh, or sit in silence?

I can take you, I know the way...

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