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  • Nemi

Ticking Time...

Each day I wake

I'm moving closer to death

Each beat of my heart

Each exhale of my breath

Each time I run

And in the end

I touch my chest

I'm moving closer to being gone

This isn't a hello

Nor goodbye

It's the realization

That the years are passing by

So quickly

Will they miss me

All who have laughed

All who have come across my path

Will they remember

When my body is no longer limber

And my eyes no longer shimmer or dance

Alas at their final glance

Will they take the chance to tell the world, their world

That I left my mark upon their collective hearts

I've been blessed without a doubt

And there are times when I want to let it out

And tell the world in a quiet shout

What living is all about

One can have riches

But they'll eventually fade away

You see when you're gone

You're no longer allowed to throw shade

And stand in it

She kissed my cheek and I cried inside

All of my emotions came alive

There was a fire which burned me long ago

Killed all of dreams

And I haven't any crops to show

But her kiss brought me back

Back to center

Back to home

Back to realizing

I haven't got long, to hold on to these moments whilst still alive

Each day I wake

I move closer to death

I move closer to taking my final breath

I pray the Lord will forgive my debt

And allow me to see these flowers grow from above

In essence allow my spirit to continue to sprinkle them with love

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