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My friends and me arrived at our shooting location around 4am in order to capture the Milky Way, I mean since it's Milky Way season and all. As we stood alongside the ever so sketchy side of the road, all I could think about was what if I loose my bearings in the dark and end up tumbling down the side of the cliff.

Let's just say, I stayed close to the car and I cursed at myself for a couple hours on end until the moon clocked out and the sun clocked into the day. I've taken a few trips in my life in attempts to capture something nice and I've come back from said trips not always with my heart full.

As the day began to break, I was able to set my tripod up and focus on the cars coming from afar. Whilst long exposure is awesome, today, I found it to be doubly as awesome because of clouds, shoreline, and shadows along the bridge.

Imagine our world without light... It would be almost like you without that beautiful smile.

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