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  • Nemi

I Have A Short...

I'm afraid that I only have a short window to share how I feel

A short window to look through and peel

All of the scars which

The rain droplets didn't wash away

I'm afraid my window is made up of

Browns and grays

Black lines and a wing

Which sits lonely on display

I want to fly away

Instead I keep fighting to find a way

Back home

Home to you

You have no clue where I sit or I stand

In all truthfulness

I cannot remember the last time

There was electricity in your hand

Electricity in your kiss

As I stare out into the abyss

I'm beginning to wonder

IF I should have made contact


Purposely attempted to miss

The rain is falling down upon the roof

And I promised that I would tell you the truth

We rise and we fall

We think we're there and then we get the call

"Ladies and gentlemen, the fasten seatbelt sign is now on..."

Turbulent, turbulence

In a few more moments

I may not get my chance

To say goodbye

I'm afraid that I have only a small window to share

As I sit here uncomfortably in this chair

With the glass smashed against my face

I suppose I'm facing my own fear

And seeing a reflection of self

The runway is clear...

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