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  • Nemi


It's clear isn't it, the image, the view, the direction that we're headed? From a very early age, I've always been a dreamer, I've owned companies, flown in space, stopped a war, played in various sports leagues, I've been a rockstar, and lived on an island. The journey has been a magical ride of daydreams!

As the rain began to hit the window of the plane, I looked out to find my view had been impaired, the soft kisses of each droplet was rubbing the makeup off of the window and I was unable to see clearly. Life can be funny sometimes, the silence leaves us wondering where we sit or stand.

The sound of rain is extremely therapeutic to me, it's calming, it's almost as though I could place my forehead against the window, close my eyes, and drift to a place where the rain is warm. Have you ever danced in the rain, danced slowly in the rain for that matter? You guessed it, I'm a hopeless romantic, then again, I might just be hopeless.

IF I could take you anywhere, I would take you on a flight where we'd need to cross the sea and you might wonder why the specifics and I'd say something along the lines of, "There's a greater distance to cross when the sea is involved and that distance can give us the chance to be in a special space."

Sometimes, I find myself observing couples who travel and I think to myself, it would be nice to have a hand to hold, a voice to listen to other than "Jim" whose breath smells like pickles and "Jan" whose voice sounds like her nose is plugged (quit talking Jan, please, actually pass Jim a piece of gum).

My space is a lonely space at times, it's not a space made up of glitter or gold. Over the course of time, I've learned to etch out perfect seats and my eyes have been drawn to what's on the other side of the windows... a light.

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