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Off In The Distance...

It's often difficult to make out things which appear to be lightyears away; I mean, I was calling for FaceTime before it was ever released and I kick myself often for not being the person who gave the idea to Steve Jobs. I used to joke with a friend, years ago, that we'd one day have walls which we could walk up to, press a button, and scroll through our musical indexes... "Wait, is the sound coming from the wall?", (my reply) "Actually, the sound is coming from the built in speakers behind the wall."

We're forever looking out into space, in order to try and find the next best thing. Science will send a robot to Mars for a couple hundred million dollars but legislators won't clean up downtown Los Angeles and wash the stench and poop off of the sidewalks. Like I so often say, "Juxtaposition is a tricky thing when dealing with what is important".

I often feel as though I'm forever watching the cursor blink whilst I attempt to find the correct words to fill in what I'm truly feeling. IF only there were a magic device that could connect to my heart and my brain simultaneously and in order to type out all of my emotions.

Today has been a bit interesting and the jokes didn't seem to come as rapidly as they did this past weekend. We're always reminded that life is short and we should live every day within the "now", however, now I wished I was somewhere else, somewhere off in the distance.

For the last twenty years or so, I've found myself flying over oceans, fields, monuments, and other various terrains nonetheless, today I heard the voice of the captain say, "If you're sitting on the left side of the plane and you look out about 15 miles or so, you'll be able to see a white speck that's actually a Nasa weather balloon." Of course I happened to be on the left side of the plane and I looked through the window to see what the commotion was all about, I mean who cares about a ballllloooon... (holy cuss, that's a beautiful view)!

What kind of story can I make out of a balloon which you can barely see, let alone the colorful streaks emitting from an airplane window?

I'm scared because I feel as though I'm a statistic waiting to happen here in the USA, "Land of the free, home of the brave". It has been a bit since I've felt tension and rage within our society however the reek of hatred are being spread throughout this nation (the world if I'm being completely honest).

We're led to believe that hate now is a president's problem to address, fix, and identify when we bigotry and slavery have been mainstays within a nation up until less than; there has been no less than, they've always been here.

The narrative of people with guns/rifles is what's being pushed by the media and lawmakers but it's only pushed when there's a story to be had, a post to be liked. You see, if you look off into the distance, on the left side of this plane you'll see a tiny white speck about fifteen miles or so away from us, that speck is titled HOPE.

I have hope that I will not become a statistic whether out in public or within the "comfort" of my own home; I hope that my parents, my siblings, my friends, my love, will all be afforded a chance for a better tomorrow but the truth is there's just enough hate on too many sides which could effect a peaceful tomorrow.

At this stage in my life, I do not see much HOPE, then again maybe I'm just on the wrong side of the plane.

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