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I shot the picture below on my film camera and I remember sitting on the hill thinking to myself that I hope all of my settings are correct because there's no coming back once I hit the shutter release button. It's sort of "funny" to think that this also exists when it comes to some aspects of our lives...

"Welp, here goes nothing and everything just the same." (I really wanted to curse within that sentence but I have a young studio audience so I'll maintain my G Rated blog).

There was something to be said about this night, the way the lights illuminated the crowd, stage, and trees, it was as though I was watching a set for the very first time, waiting to hear the voices of the band for the first time, and all I could make out with my camera was the word IT.

IF I'm being completely honest, there were no words shown from the main stage; I just managed to catch the lights dancing, a hand raised in between the light, and three lights in the distance. Sometimes these things are staged, the photographer commands the feel of the picture but in this instance, things just happened to play out nicely in front of my lens.

Two months ago, I found myself listening to John Mayer's song Gravity over and over, one night. You know there are times when I feel a song and I'll let it repeat a few times and then there are times when all you want to do is remember the feeling of a moment or moments when you heard a song oh maybe for an hour straight or so.

On this particular night I harkened back to some lines...

Gravity -

Just keep me where the light is Just keep me where the light is Just keep me where the light is Come on keep me where the light is Come on keep me where, keep me where the light is

There's a sense of clarity I had then; this isn't bad for a film picture too....

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