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And So It Goes...

For years, I've sat back and wondered how I've made it this far in life. IF memory serves me correctly, I was voted most likely to succeed coming out of a twelve person high school (my diploma is probably null and void now) and the sky was the limit, say 25yrs ago or so. To think that I was a sixteen year old senior without a care in the world, fast forward to a 43yr old man, with certain cares in the world would seem rational right... I mean, time has a way of refining, not to say by any means I'm refined.

This blog has been a form of therapy in the sense it has forced me, enabled me to share what's on my mind, as quirky as my thoughts might be from time to time and my words too. In June of 2015, I was in Lima, Peru, looking out of the 14th floor window of an apartment which provided a view of the entire city, whilst thinking to myself that I needed to start doing something meaningful with some of the talents which I've been given. As the cool ocean air moved through our penthouse, I began to write down a song; I'd share the words but... (walks into another room and searches for notebook)

|Know All About You| - Lima, Peru 6.26.2015 @ 10:34p

I fell in love with your first name

I closed my eyes, wondering if you feel the same

Way I feel about you

Our eyes just met

And I don't know

If I can live without you

The problem is

I don't enough about you


Your smile

Your face

Your warm embrace

I want to know all about you

You see my mood

There's no interlude

You're staring through my soul


Our spirits are a glow now

Would you save me a dance

If I took a chance

And started to walk right over

Please hold my hands and lay your head on my shoulder


Your smile

Your face

Your warm embrace

I want to know all about you

There's no doubt

That I can't live without you...

There are very few people willing to share, willing to cry, willing to die for what they believe in; don't mix my words as dying being actual death but perhaps the 'death" of hopes and dreams. I've forever been a dreamer and I've touched many things which I never thought possible.

For the last four years, I've shared pieces of me which I never imagined and it's within this moment, I can look back and say, "What theeeee heck"!

Today, I was sitting with a close friend reminiscing about the past, really my past more so than theirs and I remembered being such a frail, timid, and humble kid who only cared about grades, Nintendo, and sports. I wasn't granted too many experiences back then because I was sheltered from the world and for that I'm forever grateful because now I truly understand just how cold this world can be to those who aren't ready to be exposed to its elements.

The hurts which I do not wear on my sleeves, stir around my mind and my heart every so often, yet I remind myself that the past was merely preparing me for today's hurdles. I'm the furthest thing from perfect and many would laugh if they knew some of the things I've been a part of during my time here on this earth. My life is a miraculous story in that I could have been shot and killed some time ago, I probably could/should have served some time for stupid "ish" too but there is a plan for me which I just can't quite place my finger on.

My father was a writer and for years I begged him for a chance to write to write a collaborative book entitled "I Am My Father's Son", a memoir of sorts which would have our timelines crossing paths, our journey crossing paths. Unfortunately, my father has always pushed the idea aside and so I write for me, I write in order to leave behind something for my friends, family, and those who do not know me personally.

Time has a way of refining and fortunately I'm nowhere close to being refined. I've instructed my friend that I'll leave my writings in her care and maybe just maybe they'll be worthy of a read when I'm no longer here.

"We fail to remember the living while they're alive"

Tonight, I've reached my 300 post and while that number might not mean anything to you, it means the world to me, it means that I've continued to persevere. To those of you who've pushed me, my love (not like) for you is real and I thank you.

We only get one shot at this, so love often, laugh often, kiss often, cry not so often, and drink plenty of water too (all of those will keep your skin looking healthy). Oh I almost forgot... make love too, either with someone you care for or your dreams, fall in love with your dreams.


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