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Promise Me This...

It seems as though I'm making a few more promises to myself these days and actually sticking firm to them. There's the old adage that practice makes perfect but truth be told, I haven't practiced much and I'm the furthest from having anything lined up perfectly.

There are things which I've wanted to say for so long, that are now leaving my lips and flying off of my fingers. Look, it's tough playing the "good guy" 24/7/365; I've been quiet for some time, perhaps too long of a time. I think most would agree that honesty can kill two ways (I'll let you sort out that one).

The truth is, I tend to speak about this journey which I'm on, this road to redemption so to speak which only takes place if I put one foot in front of the other and attempt to move forward and not backwards. For so long, I've felt as though I'm just standing in the middle of the road with something heading my way, perhaps my fear.

I've read a few interesting quotes this week but one really stuck out to me, "Fall in love with your fears, maybe they'll leave you too". As simple as this is to comprehend, the magnitude of said statement is immense!

Next week, I'll have the privilege of walking into a local high school and sharing a few words about life. It's really wild to think I'll have the ability to shape the hearts of some, whilst battling my own heart and soul at the same time.

A friend of mine recently asked me what I plan to speak to the kids about and I stated that I typically fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to speeches. I suppose I could speak with them about life but that's such a basic and broad subject, I could speak about the pursuit of happiness but that could end up depressing, or I could speak with them about keeping the promises which they make to themselves.

The truth be told, I'm not waiting for my fear (diesel) to come close, I'm taking the necessary steps to see it and react before it gets anywhere near me. Many a times, my fear is being lonely but the truth is I'm only as lonely as I allow myself to be.

I'm not going to chase, I'm not going to think twice about situations or people which do not matter; I am going to promise myself a few new things.

IF you can see the diesel in the picture, ahead, that represents my fear and I technically have few options. There are some who would say, "Run towards your fear..."

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