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Well Then...

Well then, it feels as though years of dreaming of doing something and NOT doing anything have led to a year and change of kicking myself in the ass to become more honest with my wants. For years I've spoken to rooms filled with kids and adults alike and I've told them that they can achieve anything but then I leave said rooms and trick myself into thinking that I don't have the power to move mountains.

A little over a year and a half ago, I told a friend of mine that I wanted to write a book, I gave him the title of Sun Spot Stains and I explained to him that the book would be a book about some of the random things which are stuck in my head and have been there since childhood. As any good friend would do, he shook his head and agreed that I should pursue my dream of penning something which I deemed to be important.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and then one day, I sat down and began to organize my thoughts and found myself actually writing a book. In this day and age, it's too easy to marginalize what we find as being important to us IF others do not share the same interest; with this mindset, I've usually allowed myself to sit in the shadows and not say too much about anything.

I've had the privilege to travel abroad in order to recite a few poems, I've led creative writing workshops, hosted spoken word events, and been told that I couldn't excel within the written realm because my words were not LITERARY, someone literally told me that not too many years ago. Again, people will put up roadblocks for you if you allow them to, the key is don't be swayed by other's opinions, well, unless you're about to do something stupid and someone is walking you off of the ledge or you're not listening to the advice of your parents or something and they're providing great insight on why you shouldn't date Ron (I don't have any friends named Ron which I can think of)!

To make a long story longer, I wrote this book and it's a culmination of ideas, thoughts, and events which have taken place in my life; I'm really sharing snippets of the things listed above, I mean I'm not Tolstoy. The book is called Sun Spot Stains and it can be found on Amazon.

My friends started spreading the word about the book before I've even had a chance to make a proper post and let the world know, "Hey, it's me the non literary guy..."

Well then, it seems as though you have a book to purchase, I won't marginalize the fact it's my first offering to the world; it's cute, I might delete later though...

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