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Burning Question

For the last thirty five years plus and change, I've watched the struggles of race inequality unfold not only in America but throughout the world; in that same amount of time, I've observed the silence of many whose voices are being "heard" today. It's amazing what a wave can do for the psyche of individuals who are now using their wealth and influence to actually say, "Uuuuuuh, this shit doesn't feel right, now". The truth is, the world as a whole has had the "shit" wrong since the turn of time. As much as I would like to have conversations of how the marginalization of races has effected generation after generation throughout the world, I would like to ask a few simple questions.

Who's steering the ship and can it be turned around if that is truly the objective of those who are angry and feeling oppressed, also what does "freedom" look like or entail, and does education start within the home?

I want to share my stories and garner some likes and attention from them as well but something has led me to sit back and take note of those who have found their megaphones, fists, and slogans. The inner me would like its Tyler Durden to show face, create chaos, and throw a few molotov cocktails (all the while cloaked in a Supreme outfit and Off White kicks). Within the last week or so, it appears to be fashionable to get dressed for the part and say, "I was there, I stood alongside my brothers and sisters" as opposed to truly looking internally and asking, "Where have I been for the last..."

There are very few people who know me well enough to understand my cynicism of texts and calls which I've received that have actually led me to place a guard up to some degree. Man, that's crazy to think of, I only thought I would attempt to guard-off bad breath, body odor, excessive debt, bad relationships, rear naked chokes/body triangles (so embarrassing to get tapped out from a triangle or arm bar), or being seen in public too much; never did I think I would think twice about the "We're just checking on you" texts.

For a handful of people, I am their only black friend and in this day and age it's crazy to write that as well. To be fair, I'm not one who has gone out into the world and focused on the color of someone's skin when it comes to friendships; there are some who might argue that my friendship pallet is too light for their liking. The truth is trust and love, for me at least, has always been earned and never given away due to another's status or race.

A couple of my brothers visited California not too long ago and we stood and peered out across San Francisco, one afternoon, observing the city's beautiful scenery. Some people function their best when chaos abounds and things are falling/failing, others are late to the party and say things such as, "We had no clue things were this bad", and then there are some who sit/stand quietly, watching it all burn to the ground because they understand that through fire comes new growth.

I've been battling since birth and finding my way throughout all of this chaos so IF you don't hear from me or IF you see me standing quietly in a corner and not saying much, please do not question my participation in this revolution as many are just getting here for the cake and ice cream.

Ask yourselves why now...

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