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Lonely World...

It feels as though I only find you when the days seem long and my energy is fading. The song Used To Be by Luca Fogale is playing through the speakers in my room and I'm sitting here stuck on the second page. To be fair you'd need to listen to the song in order to undestand the second page reference, given the fact I'm not even through he first paragraph of wherever this ends up.

I'm still traveling and still taking pictures, I'm still attempting to be creative, while fighting the pull of being a professional hermit. In my mind I'm not landing or taking off, instead I'm sitting still, observing everything around me. It takes a great deal of patience to be a quiet observer within this world.

Years ago, I learned about patience whilst sitting and waiting for someone to pick me up after school. My attention to detail didn't begin until the season changed and snow began to fall; I counted snowflakes and lost track of time. I watched people scurry by bundled up in their jackets, some traveled in packs and others were sojourners on campus. I was but a lonely nomad, waiting for his turn to return home.

Oh how the days have seemingly played out all over again, less the snowflakes. Here I am sitting and watching it all pass by me, no real distractions, no one sitting next to me on the journey homeward. Am I coming or am I leaving? I suppose you can decide for yourself if I've even arrived and merely taxing the tarmac/runway.

I wish I could tell you about the love of my life, there's joy within that story as well, however, again, I'm waiting to share.

This year, I've visited, India, Switzerland, and Poland. I never thought I would travel, let alone travel and observe the lonely world we live in. It's behind my camera I'm able to see what otherwise is missed so often, the movements of others.

Recently, my cousin Kenford, aka Ford, quipped, "You're always behind the camera capturing our memories and rarely in front of the camera. We need to see the artist too." Alas, if only I was an artist or saw myself in the light others do. The song Gold by Jake Isaac and India.Arie is currently playing; it's a special song about... Listen to it

The seasons are changing, the leaves are going through their color cycle, falling to the ground, moving through the streets, the breeze is brisk, and the coffee is seemingly flavorful. Random, do most Starbucks make awful coffee, I mean, how do you mess up a vanilla latte with oat milk or a cinnamon dolce?

Tomorrow is Wednesday and we're technically half way through the month of November. I don't dread days, I dislike my nights. Perhaps I'll find a bench, in order to hear the laughter of others, see people upset, see those in love, or observe the falling of leaves from the other side of the window.

All is fine, sometimes, I wonder how people truly in hardship manage. I'm lonely but the world has billions of people making noise, however, I just want the quiet of...

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