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Have You Ever Been

In my head, the words to the song go something like this:

Have you ever been to heaven

Have you ever seen its gates

Have you bow down to your leader

Do you know how heaven tastes

Love me good...

Two years ago my brothers and I embarked upon a trip which yet again opened my eyes as to the beauty that is all around us, on this habitat we call earth. We started our trip on the historic Hwy 1 in Santa Cruz, CA and ended our journey in Venice, CA. I wish I could outline all of the sights and sounds along the way or for that matter all of the music we listened to as well.

One of the many bright spots which stand out in my memory is the picture shown below and it's not bright merely because of the lighting/sunset.

The perception I have of myself is different than most, I'm sure; in my mind, I'm neither really rising or falling instead I'm just here much like the sun.

So love me good...

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