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Safe Passage

Last night we packed up our car with a few bags of luggage, a small ice chest filled with craft beer, our phone chargers, and a plethora of unknown expectations. I've never been a fan of late night travel but here we were traveling from Fresno, Ca to San Francisco, Ca in order to catch a flight to somewhere distant.

As Ricky Bobby drove, I couldn't help but get lost in observing the night sky and the scenery darkness provides; I was transfixed, in my mind, as to the "Where is everyone going..." question. I mean, I know where we were heading but how is it that so many people where on the road, seemingly heading in the same direction as us.

Lately, I've felt very alone, perhaps I'm not being truthful when I use the word lately, I should say for years I've felt very alone. There was a time twelve to fourteen years ago when I stopped trying to be the life of the party and started being the one person who could simply slip in and out of places without having to interact with those around me.

It has been weeks since my last post, two or so weeks to be exact, and I wonder if I'll give up on sharing stories/pictures/myself with others; I laugh inwardly, at times, because I want the re-enforcement that the content being provided is beneficial but then I'm also afraid that what I'm attempting to accomplish has already been done and done better by some ten year old kid in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

When I was younger, my father, sister, and me would sit outside of our apartment and look up at the night sky. My father would point out constellations, satellites, shooting stars and other night items which highlighted a world that only existed at night, a world that I've lived in but have failed to observe since childhood.

Tonight the moon winked at me, the stars that I did see, seemed to dance in place as we drove by, and the road was illuminated by the darkness. I was lost in the night, for few hours, this time freed me from the feeling of loneliness and wrapped me instead with a purpose.

I've been granted so much, work, friendships, family, and health. In the end, I'm not alone, I just need to look up more to find that a safe passage has already been presented to me.

"Where are you going..."

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