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What Do You See

So often I find myself here by the water's edge and by so often I mean only in my thoughts. On this particular day, I walked out of a cabin and told myself that I would walk through the woods in order to see where the path would take me but then I was drawn to the sound of the water and color of the sky.

I'm neither an adventurer or adventurous as much as I am curious and restless. The idea of being home bores me and my mind is overly active so by default my mindset is to remain active as well. We live in a world where most people work Monday through Friday in order to rest through the weekend; I'm weary so for me this is no rest.

Today my gaze stretched as far as my imagination could take me and for a moment, I was dreaming while awake (interesting to think about really). The idea of daydreaming is nothing new, I wasn't lost and then snapped back into the present, I was present and wanting to be lost.

Before I set out on my journey, someone quipped that the only things which I was missing were a stick and a knapsack for all of my belongings. Did I really look as if I was running away? The funny thing is I've always dreamt of running away and never returning, well, returning every once in a while because my parents would be upset IF I never came to visit!

Alas, here I am on this shore watching both the tide and the clouds dance a bit. My want is to become a photographer and writer, an explorer and a saint, however the only problem is I haven't discovered myself as of yet so my gaze is shifted from the sky and into the water where my image floats before me.

Who am I versus who do I want to be...

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