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Bud Break

Who knows exactly what the future holds, the twists, the turns, the excitement, the fear, the joy, and the pain? There comes a moment when we're left to simply trust the process, I'm not referencing the Philadelphia 76'ers 7' 0" center, Joel Embiid (who should be the 2016 - 2017 NBA Rookie of the Year); I am referencing having a sense of faith that everything is going to be okay when all is said and done.

As I stand or for that matter sit in a crowd during a wedding ceremony, I wonder how I'd feel being on one of the biggest stages in life. "With this ring, I thee wed, I promise to...", laaaaawd have mercy, talk about the pressure! Maybe this is why couples cry, the pressure?

Alas, I kid, I mean there probably is an emotional stimulation gene that triggers ones tear ducts when it comes to saying vows; I grew up before a camera so I feel as if I've been saying lines for years (see what I did here). I digress, let me truly get to the picture at hand.

I observed something quite interesting before I took this picture and it wasn't the ring exchange taking place in the background, rather it was the flower which still had three bulbs left to blossom. A marriage is not only a union of souls but it's the watering of one another to the point that both bear fruit.

"With this ring, I become your gardner, I promise to shield you from too much sun, I promises to provide you with just enough water/love, I promise to cherish each and every blossom/fruit brought forth from our love, with this ring each day will be a day of caring for I do not want you nor our love to wither..."

Yeah sometimes, I sit and daydream a bit, sometimes I wonder what to say or how it would sound coming off of my pen.

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