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I Get It Now

I wonder how many times we've passed each other over the years and not noticed the message being laid out for the entire world to see. In an age where time is, scratch that, in an age where time was meant to measured down to the last drop, I find myself slowly attempting to soak my mind, body, and soul into the present.

Tonight I stood quietly in the darkness, I felt the wind against my face, I observed the sky as the clouds began to make way for the coming forth of the moon and all of its glory. I just stood gazing and wondering about how in this moment, this very moment, I was so lucky to observe so much beauty.

As I turned my eyes from the sky, I looked behind me and found this image, an image which to many will be nothing more than a dumpster and a light, however, to me it symbolizes our lives. There's a certain beauty within the way the shadows meet the light and also the way the dumpster stands present within the cover of darkness and light. There are no options for this dumpster but to stand there and take what society throws at it, to stand there and simply accept the junk per se. The world has always had the ability to throw junk our way and unbeknownst to us, we've always had the ability to not accept said junk.

We live within a world of jaded people, in all truthfulness, I find myself to be jaded too; I'm jaded to the fact that everything isn't perfect , I'm jaded to the fact people ruin others and we're left to find the bits of light, the remnants of what was and what we hope to be.

Alas, tonight I saw you in all of your glory, in all of the light; it was not trash which made you whole, instead it was a bit of light mixed with darkness, it was a bit of art mixed with an open mind. What we see isn't always what we get if we're not present to accept what is being laid before us and it's with this sentiment, I hold onto the fact that nothing is meant go unnoticed.

I'll attempt to place my phone in my pocket, my gaze outward, and my voice on mute... I get it now.

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