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  • Nemi

The Break

Perhaps it was more about our first hello, then it was about our last goodbye

Either way through the course of time there was always a twinkle in your eyes

A softness within your kiss

There was no reason to have the words, "I love you" travel off of our lips

The bond which we shared was laid out for the world to miss

And now I sit here and think of all that I'll surely miss

The movement of your hips

As you'd approach me to steal another kiss

Or perhaps it's the contour of your lips

Or the warmth within your smile

IF I think for a moment, there was definitely something special about your style

Tonight you held me and expressed that this is it

My heart beat so quickly until it ruptured and split

In two


In to

En tu I found a freshness as pure as the morning breeze

My soul wanted to nothing more than to have a chance to please...


The journey forward almost feels as if it's a journey back

Back to the basics

Back to the start

Back to wondering if I'll regain the strength to jump start my heart

Back to the music

Back to the room

Back to the moment I wasn't overly consumed with the great escape


En tu I found a reason to stay planted on the ground

Planted by a stream

Even in my slumber my dreams were having dreams of...


Alas then reality always hits

It wakes us up in order to show us that responsibility exists

And in this moment, we shared our first, second, third, fourth, and fifth goodbye kiss

For tonight I saw you glowing in the sky

You seemed blue

En tu I found a smile as warm as they come

En tu I found it okay to walk in the darkness, while others choose to lay out in the sun

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