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Shelby Daytona Fastback

There was a game we used to play as children in which a piece of paper was used to basically tell you about your future, you'd end up marrying one of four girls you drooled over (back then, uuuuh Kathy McCool), you'd drive one of four cars you'd actually never own, you'd have the chance to live in a shack or a mansion, and you'd have one to eight kids, from Becky with the good hair (I see you Beyonce, Becky's hair is everything).

For some strange reason, I found myself looking at Gary Fong videos yesterday morning; for any anyone who doesn't know, Gary Fong is the King of Sony Alpha tutorials on YouTube. In the last few months I've thought I was missing something when it comes to capturing objects on the move. I suppose I thought about objects which are on the move because I often think that life is quickly passing me by and I haven't figured out how to truly capture all of the good stuff.

As Gary Fong was going through the basics of proper camera focus and tracking an object, he explained that there was a setting on my camera which I had no clue even existed. Isn't it funny how the one thing we need is typically closer than we even realize?

It's "strange" because people are beginning to ask me what my preference is when it comes to my shooting style; I've found myself saying, "I just shoot what calls out to me..." The idea of having a preference is something that I rarely think about, given the fact that I carry my camera with me daily in the hopes of finding something/anything that will cause me to pause and click.

Oh Gary Fong, you knew I'd needed you today! My buddy and me were in LA over the course of the weekend, in order to visit another friend and in the process visit a brewery (I might post about that soon). The weekend was rather epic, yes epic, in that we drank too much great beer and ate a ton of delicious food in the process but as with every good trip there's always the trip back home... THE 4hr and 35min trip back home.

To sleep or not to sleep twas the question but Backspin Radio on Sirius XM had me rapping tunes and laughing for most of the trip. Sometimes when I look out the window and see the huge mansions along the L.A. hillside(s), I tend to dream a bit, it's almost as if I'm taken back to being a kid.

My day dreaming was interrupted by my buddy Bobby looking over at me and saying, "Yooooo, you need to get a picture of that"; it was a Shelby Daytona Coupe with new plates (easily anywhere from $200K to $400K).

As I searched for my camera, all I could think about was the fact that I had the proper tools to capture the "good stuff", the stuff that would allow me to pause and click; it was all coming together, all I had to do was be breathe calmly and steady my hands.

Today, I got married to..., we live in a 4Bd house, I drive a Shelby Mustang named (Winnie, sorry Kevin I loved her more), and we're expecting our first kid. Thank you Gary Fong for helping me capture a moving object, you genius man you!

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