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Run The Jewels 2

I wrote a piece about my first Run The Jewels concert experience which took place back in early February of this year. As fate would have it, this past weekend, I found myself at another RTJ concert in San Francisco. Anyone who knows me immediately knows that I'm a fan of travel and music oooooh and pictures, I really like taking pictures too.

The party that I went to the concert with consisted of super nerdy musical cats and not cats as in felines! It always amazes me when other people have so much knowledge around hip hop. "Rap is something you do, hip hop is something you live." - KRS1

Run The Jewels Concert, San Francisco, CA

This time around, the show opened with the legendary DJ Qbert killing his set, the group Flat Bush Zombies destroying their set and creating a vibe for you guessed it, Run The Jewels! I couldn't put my camera down because I found myself in a groove, a groove that allowed me to capture moments.

Again, I've lucked out by being able to do see as much as I've seen up to this point. My life is moving in a manner in which I've found myself sitting and reflecting a bit more as to what is art, what captures my heart and eyes.

Run The Jewels are a special group, no doubt about it, and they've now allowed me to capture moments within moments. I mean, who goes to a concert and takes 686 pictures in the span of an hour and ten minutes (that was a rhetorical question...)

Haha (rolls eyes and then drops mic)

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