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Say Whaaa....

This year has been one for the ages due to the simple fact I have a friend who placed me under his wings earlier in the year and allowed me to work three weddings with him. I learned about lighting, staging the proper picture, balance of pictures, and Lightroom; what I also learned was that I have an eye for what others aren't seeing or wanting to see.

My demeanor isn't one which gets overly stressed out when it comes to the "job" per se, I actually get lost in the busyness of the day nonetheless, my stress comes from putting pressure on myself to capture the right moments. Anyone can take a picture, we see thousands of them per week if you're tied to Instagram, Facebook, or even Snapchat but the caveat is there are few who are fixated on the moment, the story behind the picture.

I took on a wedding a couple of weeks ago, all by myself, and in hindsight it was one of the cooler things and most stressful things that I've done all year. The coolness was because I wasn't dealing with Bridezilla, the stress was due to the fact I was a one man photo team and lord knows, it's only one of the biggest days in the life of the bride and groom, I mean who cares about an expensive flash not working or lenses not focusing correctly (smirks).

The idea of standing on your feet and staring through a lens for close to twelve hours isn't something that gets most people's blood moving but for me the picture count signified a day well spent in trying to hone in a hobby/love of mine.

Earlier this week, I spoke stated that there are very few people who will promote your work and the case still holds true despite the time spent and blisters received, in the end it's still about the moments and not the accolades.

I'm continuing to remind myself that I'm not aiming/shooting for "Instagram love" as much as I am TRULY shooting because I love what I'm shooting! In the end, one is far greater than the other.

"Look ma, I did it, I did it all on my own..."

(Wedding pictures can be found underneath my Photo Gallery tab)

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