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A Little Fear...

The last time I visited Yosemite National Park, was in the summer of 2006; during that summer, I laughed, sang, felt my heart race, felt my heart sink, and I wrote a few stories. The memories that I have of the park are awesome, perhaps they're awesome due to the fact I was with a fun group of people.

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself back in the park, I was a passenger yet again, taking in the sites, sounds, and feel of the park as though it were our first time meeting. Over the course of twelve years or so, I'd picked up a few fears, the fear of heights being the main "issue", I'll save the others for a later date.

In this age of social media all one can do is aspire to become relevant within whatever lane they're operating in, then again maybe it's not due to social media that some of us aspire to be relevant. I've sat many a time and thought about the countless pictures, poses, and stories which I've taken/shared over the years, all while trying to be the best ME that I could be.

Life is "funny" isn't it, I mean all of our ups and downs? Twelve years ago, I didn't have too many cares in the world and then somehow fear set in; a few days ago, I met my fears as I felt the wind against my face and I also felt my heart race. In the end I'm still fearful of a few things but I'm also cognitively pushing myself in a positive direction.

This photography stuff is different to everyone and I for one have found that everyone is now a photographer and my fear is not to become like everyone. A few days ago, I felt the wind against my face, a few days ago my fears led me from the safety of a perch to the foot of a ledge in order to capture a picture of a magical place, a magical moment.

Fear 0, Me 1

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