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Are You Ready...

When I snapped this picture, I never thought within a million years that I would be using it in order tell a story. A friend of mine sent me a text which read, "You have to go outside and see the moon..."; I was in mid bite of a sandwich when I decided maybe just maybe I should get my butt up from the table and walk outside.

My neighborhood is laid out in a manner that doesn't allow for the greatest views for most shots but I thought tonight might be the night I become a bit risqué and shoot from out of my comfort zone.

I'm not a fan of the dark due to the fact things go bump in the night and I'm not a fan of walking around my neighborhood with an expensive camera, at night, only because I never want people to think I'm a writer or special operative of some sorts. "Ladies and gentlemen, there's nothing to see here, please keep it moving." Truth be told, I really do not want anyone thinking that any equipment is in my house, since I've already been burglarized once in said neighborhood (IF anyone sees any of my jeans or watches, let me know).

Let's fast forward to the picture above, it was epic to me as the lights seemingly danced and my imagination slowly began to take over as I patiently waited for Thanos to arrive and battle me for one of the Infinity Stones.

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